Known as the most satisfying type of exercise, Pilates safely covers strength, flexibility, and stretch while evading injury.

Pilates were originally used as a type of rehabilitation for athletes or dancers. Now, this type of exercise is used by millions around the world due to its safety.

It is even safer then going out for a run. The constant pounding on the pavement offers a potential risk of shin splits and knee injuries. Even worse, falls can occur and result in a severe injury. On the other hand, Pilates is one of the safest ways to exercise.

In addition to its safety, there is not much of an investment required. A floor mat is the only necessary piece of equipment. To spice up the simple routine, other equipment can be used as well. Whether you only use the mat, or several other pieces of equipment, you will see improvements to your body once you start this effective workout system.

Age or gender does not matter with Pilates. Its simplicity offers something for all who want to stay fit. Your condiiton had no effect either. The fitness and health benefits are infinite. This workout regimen enhances your core strength, range of motion, and flexibility. Back pain and chronic health ailments can also be a thing of the past with Pilates.

Not only does it improve your body healthy, it is enjoyable as well! The exercises uses both mind and body, working them together and establishing balance. For example, it improves your mental focus through the use of a variety of breathing techniques while exercising. However the most important benefit is the improvement of general body alignment, preventing injuries.

Here are more benefits to this type of exercise:

  • enhances your breathing
  • establishes correct spinal and pelvic alignment through smooth movements with lots of power
  • constructs lean muscles that builds strength without the risk of injury
  • improves range of motion and ability to stretch
  • builds up strength in the back and abdomen
  • establishes a balance between weak and strong muscles (weak muscles gain strength while strong muscles are maintained without overtraining them) With this new balance, it is easier to appreciate daily activities without the risk of injury. Pilates ensures that your body will move in a safer, smoother, and more efficient motions. After each workout, many say that they can feel a difference in their body, mainly the legs, back, and abs.
  • there isn’t any bouncing or pounding involved Pilates is the safest way to exercise. It is because of this that Pilates are used as a way to rehabilitate atheletes. The exercise system improves general balance and works all muscle groups.

If you don’t want to get involved in heavy, expensive equipment and are looking for a fitness routine that is easy and safe, Pilates is the way to go. It is also a popular method for weight loss.

After each workout, many say that they can feel a difference in their body, mainly the legs, back, and abs. This is all without the investment of an expensive machine, such as a treadmill.

Pilates can also easily be done at home, considering how popular this form of exercise is. There are several videos online you can watch and follow for completely free. Looking for an exercise system? Consider looking more into Pilates and give it a shot! Safe, simple, and fun exercise? Who knew it could exist!