You know you want to start exercising with some type of home equipment. What are the benefits of an exercise bike? The point that will most likely draw the most interest is that the exercise bike is one of the most affordable home exercise equipment on the market as of now. Stationary bikes come in a variety of models, ranging from $200 to $2500, and account for every exercise level.

It’s important to keep in mind that the price of the bike will reflect its quality. A $200 exercise bike may not last over 3 years and may lack some attractive features. Nonetheless, it will still get you in shape while on a budget.

In addition, stationary bikes have a lower change of injuring joints and ligaments than other equipment options such as a treadmill or stair climber. With the lower impact on joints, this piece of equipment is great for people with joint problems.

Recently, some exercise bikes have evolved into a recumbent exercise bike. The user can comfortably sit on a semi-reclined seat with legs angled out in front.

Most users were not comfortable on a standard bike seat that is upright. This new type of exercise bike allows people to exercise for longer periods of time and experience a comfortable workout.

Stationary bikes are also safer than different types of exercise equipment. On the treadmill, slips and falls may occur. On the elliptical trainer, it’s easy to lose your balance. Exercise bikes are difficult to fall off of and are not likely to cause injury. For the elderly or beginners in exercise equipment, the exercise bike may be the choice for you.

Another characteristic that people enjoy about the (recumbent) exercise bike is that they can multitask. The repeated motions that come with exercise cause people to get bored, or to tire out more easily. However, this piece of equipment will allow users to occupy their minds with other thoughts other than how bored, or tired they are.

You can read a magazine or the newly released novel you have been itching to read. Binge watch your favorite show by setting up the bike in front of the television. With these distractions, you will be able to fly through your workout routine. All of this leads up to why the exercise bike may be the best piece of equipment for your home. Its affordability, comfort, and safety will ensure that you will use more often. Not to mention, you can get other things done while exercising.

Don’t end up wasting money on a piece of equipment that somehow transforms into a clothes rack. With the stationary bike, you can stay fit, keep healthy, and burn calories while exercising. All your motivations may be lost if the machine isn’t easy to use.

With the benefits of the exercise bike, it’s not uncommon for people to admit that they end up exercising more than they thought they would.