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Scientists have discovered that certain foods contain very high levels of nutrients, making them ideal to eat due to the calorie to nutritional content ratio. Many of these foods, as you can probably guess, are fruits and vegetables, which contain phytonutrients, plant-based protein and other components that are thought to have healing properties when eaten as part of a healthy diet.

Here is a list, A to Z, of 40 top superfoods you can add to your eating lifestyle in order to improve your health and create more balanced meals.

Top 40 Superfoods to Try, From A to Z

1. Apples-They contain fiber to help you feel full, pectin for strong hair and nails, and quercetin, an antioxidant that may reduce your risk of lung cancer and other illnesses. They are also very sweet, so a good substitute for refined carbs such as sticky desserts.

2. Asparagus-A half-cup supplies 50% of your daily Vitamin K, to help clot the blood, and a third of your day’s folate, Vitamin B9, essential for any woman who wishes to get pregnant and have a healthy baby. Asparagus also helps you shed water weight, so it is goof for puffiness and bloating as well.

3. Avocados ? These are rich in heart-healthy fats and have lots of fiber to help you feel full. Serve cold in salads and your own homemade guacamole, or mash with a little milk to use as a satisfying substitute for mayo on your sandwiches.

4. Bananas-These are an excellent source of potassium, which helps regulate your heartbeat, and fiber, which can help you feel full longer. They are idea in smoothies, especially after a workout at the gym to help replenish your electrolytes. There?s no need for expensive sports drinks when you have these tasty fruits around.

5. Barley-Barley is a top source of beta-glucan, a fiber that lowers cholesterol and helps control blood sugar. It can also reduce inflammation. It is a filling whole grain that is ideal in soups and stews.

6. Blackberries-These have high amounts of antioxidants in them, as do strawberries, cranberries and blueberries.

7. Brazil nuts-These have the highest concentration of the mineral selenium compared with any other source. . One nut can give you an entire daily allowance and they are full of fiber as well. Selenium is essential for heart health and your immune system, and might be protective against certain cancers due to the way it produces antioxidant enzymes in the body.

8. Black beans-are loaded with protein, fiber, and flavonoids, a particular type of antioxidants that helps prevent hardening of the arteries.

9. Blueberries-these have been shown to improve memory by protecting your brain from inflammation and boosting communication between brain cells. They are an excellent source of antioxidants and the cornerstone of any ?anti-aging diet.?

10. Bok choy-This Asian vegetable is rich in calcium, fiber and anti-inflammatory properties.