Thinking about starting a Diet?

Right off the bet, you must NEVER do one thing!
Reducing your eating greatly too fast or even stop eating altogether. You should never ever do that!
Lots of people think by doing that, it will speed up their diet progress. You may think so, but, your
body will actually work opposite direction. You’ll have tougher time losing your weight.
By reducing your intake too much too fast, your body will think you are starving. Thus, your body will
NOT give up those stored up fats as your body think it will need every bit of those fats to survive
while your body is in starvation mode.
Even if you succeed losing some weight, you’ll gain right back plus more as soon as you are off the diet.
It’s called YoYo effect or YoYo diet.
So, why it’s happening?

Your body think you were starving while you were on diet. So, your body will start storing as much as it
can when you get off the diet since your body think that another starvation is just around the corner.
What should you do to prevent this YoYo effect?

First, you should realize the real definition of the “Diet”. Diet is NOT just eating less or stop eating.
Diet is healthy eating habit which should last your life time.
Don’t set your goal too high. Don’t try to lose your weight too much too fast. Slow is much better.
If you really want to reduce your food intake (Calories), reduce it just little bit at a time.
Stop eating so called junk foods and replace them with organic foods such as whole grains and fruits.
Start exercising, but, start slow and increase your exercise gradually.
And MOST importantly, go see your local Nutritionist or Dietitians before starting on diet.
Talk to them about your diet plan and together will come up with Diet plan that you can keep up.