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Yoga Injuries

Yoga Injuries
Just like any other physical activity, practicing yoga also comes with a potential of getting an injury. While doing yoga, one should take care not to push our bodies too far and get hurt. Here are a few common injuries that can occur during yoga and a guideline to avoiding these injuries:

Neck injuries
Neck and shoulder injuries are very common while doing head stands and shoulder stand during yoga. Repeatedly putting incorrect pressure on your neck during these postures poses serious threats. You should learn to properly balance the pressure while doing full inversions. Using props to take pressure off the neck is also helpful. But in case of existing neck and shoulder
issues, one must avoid full inversions altogether.

Back injuries
Yoga poses like down dog and forward folds require rounding that has a potential to cause back pains. Back injuries are the most frequently occurring injuries during yoga. Learning the right technique to manage pressure on the spine is instrumental in avoiding back injuries. The pressure on back can be lowered by using blocks or blankets while practicing the poses that put pressure on the back and spine discs.

Ligament tears
Ligaments being less elastic than muscles and tendons, have a tendency to get tears in them when stretched beyond their capacity. To prevent injury to the ligaments overstretching should be avoided. Correct posture should be assumed at all times, keeping the knees in line. You should know when to stop stretching if you feel that you are pushing your body too far.

Wrist injuries
Managing pressure and body weight to be supported by the wrists can help you avoid wrist injuries. Adjusting the pressure by spreading the hands and adjust their angle with the floor can make all the difference to prevent a wrist injury.

During yoga, one should always listen to their bodies. If you are experiencing dizziness, lightheadedness, or imbalance during a certain pose, you should immediately discontinue it and let your body relax.

Staying safe and avoiding injuries while practicing yoga is easily manageable. Here are some general guidelines to ensure a safe yoga session:

  • Practicing yoga should be avoided in case you are sick or have an injury or have undergone a surgery lately.
  • Just like any other exercise, proper warm up is very important for yoga as well.
  • If you aren’t clear about something, you should ask a yoga instructor or doctor.
  • Always listen to your body and don’t push it beyond its capacity, know when to stop.
  • Find your balance and work on improving your stability more than your flexibility.