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Kriya to Balance Chakras

Wrapped Chair Pose with Breath of Fire
To do this pose, begin in a standing position. Start is if you are going to do regular chair pose by sticking your rear out as though about to sit on a chair.
Instead of raising the arms overhead, bend forward slightly so you are squatting with your arms in between your legs.

Wrap your arms behind your ankles, palms on top of the feet, note the placement of the hands in the image above. Keep the back straight. Lift the head and look forward. Do Breath of Fire for 5 minutes.

Wrapped Chair Pose

This will require good balance. You can come in and out of the pose as needed, or if you fall forward or backwards. If Breath of Fire is too intense, go back to regular breathing at your own speed.

Sat Kriya
Sit in Rock pose, or easy pose if you really can’t manage it.
Bring your arms straight overhead and fold all of the fingers into one another, interlaced apart from the 2 index fingers. They should be pressed together and pointing straight up to the sky.

Your upper arms should be hugging your ears and there should be no bend in the elbows. You should have your chin tucked in for neck lock and your diaphragm tucked in for solar plexus lock.

As you chant Sat, you will tighten your root chakra and navel point.
As you chant Nam, you will release your root chakra lock. The pattern will come naturally after a while, inhale and lock, exhale and release. Don’t try to force it. As you squeeze the root chakra, your voice will go up, and sound like SUHT, and when you exhale, it will sound the Nahm. This will tell you that you’re getting your locks right. Go at a natural, comfortable pace, not too fast. 5 minutes

Rock Pose                Rock Pose

Sitting in Rock Pose on your heels, rest the hands on the thighs
Begin Sitali Pranayam, inhaling through your mouth, which should be shaped like an O with your curled tongue resting inside the O like you are trying to make a straw with it.

Breathe in through the O and hold. Rotate the hips around in a circle. Rotate to the left for 1/2 the duration of the held breath. Then hold and rotate to the right for 1/2 the duration of the held breath. Exhale and start again for a total of 3 times. You should have a good sense of how long you can hold your breath comfortably, such as 40 seconds, in which case, circle the hips to the left for 20 seconds and the right for 20. The pranayama and circles will raise energy and improve breathing.

Victory Pose

In the V for Victory Pose, also known as Boat Pose, shape your body like a V. Your legs and feet will be off the ground at a 60° angle. Your back will be raised off the floor at a 60° angle, arms straight out towards your knee with you balancing on your butt.

Inhale. Like a reverse sit up, lower both the back and legs to a 45 degree angle.
Exhale. Sit up to 60°. Do this for 1 to 5 minutes. This will give great abs and is said to be the equivalent of 8 hours of working out. If you are struggling to keep the legs in the air, you can bend the knees so they are close to the chest. If you still struggle, you can also grip the backs of the knees with both your hands. Shake it out at the end of the pose.

The aura tummy rub
Lie on your back and bring the hands to the region of the Navel Point.
The left hand should be closest to the body and the right hand is over the left, with 2 inches of space between the body and the palm of the left hand, and 2 inches between the top of the left hand with the palm of the right hand. Everything is stacked above each other. Start to circle both hands in a clockwise motion. Concentrate. Avoid letting them touch each other or the body.
Use long deep breathing. 3 minutes.

Remain on your back and extend your arms up to 90°, straight above your chest. Make fists of your hands and with great tension, pull your fists into your chest like you were doing a chest press in weight lifting. Release and repeat 2 more times.

Remain on your back with your left hand on your heart and the right hand over the left. Use long deep breathing and the mantra Hum Dum Hari Har, Hari Har Hum Dum. It translates roughly as divine is my breath, my breath is divine. 3 to 5 minutes.

Sit up into Rock Pose
Place hands in Bear grip; imagine a grizzly with strong paws. The left palm should face out from the chest with the thumb down, 4 fingers curled.

Now place your right hand with the thumb up, palm facing the chest. Curl the 4 fingers and hook them into the curled fingers of the left hand. Pull slightly against the finger so you feel some tension in the arms. This might be a bit painful for your fingers if you have long nails, but just do the best you can.

Twirling Bear Grip

Elbows should be out and bent. Start to move your elbows up and down quickly like joined windshield wipers, or the propellers of an old-fashioned airplane. Keeping your gripped hands at the heart chakra level. Use normal to rapid breathing synchronized with the movement. Inhale, left elbow goes up, right goes down. Exhale, left goes down, right elbow swings up.
Keep back straight; do not slouch forward or back. 5 to 11 minutes.